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Late/Absence Procedures


For your child to reach his or her full potential is it essential that they have good attendance at school. If they are not here they cannot be taught, and the greater the absence the harder it is to catch up. However, it is not only in your child's best interests for them to have good attendance at school, there is equally a legal duty upon yourselves as parents to keep your child within school. Sometimes though, circumstances at home can mean being at school, or being on time for school can be difficult. If this is the situation please contact us and we will do all we can to support you.

You should always notify school if your child is absent no matter what reason.

Further Information


Parents are always to inform the Head Teacher by letter of their wish to take the children out of school to go on holiday. Children who are absent from school due to a holiday will be marked as an unauthorised absence unless due to exceptional circumstances. The Head Teacher will write to you and inform you if your child's absence will be marked as authorised or unauthorised. 

Please be aware that from September 2019 all parents will be fined for taking children out of school during term time.


Good attendance at school is necessary to offer your child the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. As a parent you have a legal duty to provide access to education during school hours. We feel that children need to achieve at least 95% attendance to achieve this, therefore, any child whose absence falls below this will be monitored by school. If your child's attendance falls below 90% we will contact you and make you aware of our concerns. 

If you or your child are experiencing any difficulties which are impacting on your child's ability to attend school please contact us to see if we can offer any support. Mrs Lowe our Learning Mentor can offer family's support if they have had a change of circumstances which is causing an emotional or practical impact upon the family. She can also offer support if the child is feeling anxious about coming to school or with the transition of leaving home or parent.

Continued poor attendance without reasonable explanation will be addressed by Mrs Evans. We will write to you to invite you to a meeting to discuss your child's attendance and devise a plan to rectify the attendance. If it continues to deteriorate, school may refer to an Educational Welfare Officer who has the powers to instigate legal action against the parent for their child's non attendance at school.

Absence due to illness

If your child is unwell please contact school to let us know that they will not be in leaving a reason for the absence. It is really important that you contact us, as with many of our children walking or biking to school we need to ensure that they are safe. If we have not heard from you by 10.00 am, we will follow county procedure to contact you to establish why your child is not in school. 

I am sure you can understand that within the school environment contagious diseases and virus's can spread easily. It is to protect your child that procedures, such as keeping your child at home for 48 hours following sickness and diarrhoea, are enforced. We will do our best to notify parents if there are any nasty bugs doing the rounds at school, though understandably coughs and colds are to be expected.

If your child returns to school with antibiotics, these cannot be given to your child unless you complete a medicine form. One can be downloaded and printed or alternatively you can obtain one from Mrs Ford in the school office. We cannot give any medicine within school, without a signed medicine form. Calpol can only be administered within school if it has been prescribed by a doctor, over the counter Calpol can not be given (unless your child is in Reception). Medicines will be kept either in the fridge or the locked medicine cabinet in the medical room, which ever is appropriate. 

If your child has a chronic medical condition, such as Asthma, again a medicine form will need to be completed for the medicine to be on site. Asthma inhalers are kept with the child, and they can access them as necessary. The children are encouraged to self administer as is age appropriate, but all are supported in doing so. We have children with a range of health needs are staff are very experienced in administering medicine as is necessary within school. 

If your child does have a medical condition or health need it is important that you let us know so that we are aware of any specific needs or concerns and can monitor as is appropriate. Parents should complete a Health Care Plan sharing this information, including steps to take in an emergency. This form can be downloaded and printed or alternatively can be obtained from Mrs Ford in the school office. 

It is essential that you notify school of any allergies, especially if the child requires an Epi-pen. They should have an Epi-pen on site and staff are trained to administer them.

Children whose hair is longer than shoulder length, should have it tied up to help prevent head lice. If cases of head lice are found in school, we would ask via the newsletter to be more vigilant in checking your child's hair. However, we would always recommend checking you child's hair on a weekly basis.



Key Stage 1

Children in KS1 should be brought onto the school site by an adult unless alternate arrangements have been agreed by Mrs Evans. Children should not be left to wait alone, and the parent/carer should wait and see them safely inside. Class doors, where children enter are opened at 8.55 am and children should be inside and ready to start the school day by 9.05 am. 

If you are late you should ring the bell for a Teaching Assistant and explain the reason for lateness.  If your child is in Reception, Mrs Barnes' or Miss Moss' classes you should ring the bell at the main door by Mrs Barnes' class. If your child is in Mrs Horton's class you should ring the bell at the main door by her class.

Key Stage 2

The morning bell for KS2 is rung at 8.55 am, at this time all children should line up in their class group on the netball court in the KS2 playground. Teachers then lead their class into school and their classroom. We kindly recommend that once the children are lined up that parent's make their way off site. If children are having difficulties transitioning from school to home, for example at the beginning of a new term or school year, having parents lingering can make this more distressing for the child. 

If your child is late please do not try to bring them in through the double doors at the back of KS2 nor through their classroom door. They should be brought to the main school entrance. All children arriving after after 8.55 am are required to write in the late book, giving a reason for their lateness.

Repeated lateness

The start of the day is a very important time in the school day. As well as missing registration, your child will miss the initial input from the teacher regarding that mornings lesson. When your child then arrives the teacher is then required to repeat this with the children interrupting the class and disrupting the flow of learning. 

Repeated lateness can have a significant detrimental impact on your child's learning. Therefore, if this appears to be starting to happen we will contact you to to work with you regarding the reason and if we can offer any support. However, continued lateness, without valid explanation is not acceptable and may have significant consequences.


We would strongly urge you that whenever possible you make any appointments for your child outside of school hours. However, we are realistic and understand that sometimes this is just not possible. If you do not to make an appointment for your child during school hours, i.e dentist or GP, please try to get them as close to either the start or end of school if possible. 

If your child does have an appointment during the school day it is imperative that you let school know that you will be collecting them early to take them to an appointment.