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The School Day

Key Stage 1 Gates open; 8.35am ready for registration at 8.45 am
Ends: at 3.15 pm.
Key Stage 2


Gates open; 8.35 am ready for registration at 8.45 am.

Ends: at 3.15 pm.

Any child arriving after 9.00 am in KS1 and KS2 will be classed as late on the school register.

The School Day

8.40 am, all KS1 doors are opened and the children are welcomed into the classrooms.

8.45 am, registration begins.

9.00 am, Assembly. The caretaker padlocks the playground gates.

10:45 am, playtime, supervised by class teachers and teaching assistants.

11.00 am, the bell is rung three times to signal the end of playtime. When the first bell is heard the children should stop what they are doing and stand still. When the second bell is heard the children then line up in their classes. When the third bell is rung the children should at this point be lined up in silence.

12:10 pm, Key Stage 1 children are sent to wash their hands and collect their lunch boxes.

12:15 pm, Key Stage 1 children line up in the classroom quietly and are led into the hall by their class teacher. When they have finished their lunches they play outside.

12.20 pm, Key Stage 2 children are sent to wash their hands and collect their lunch boxes.

12.25pm Key Stage 2 children having a packed lunch eat in their classroom. Children having hot school dinners collect them from the hall and eat them in their classroom. When they have finished eating the play outside. 

1:05 pm, The first bell indicates the end of playtime for Key Stage 1. The children line up in their classes and the Midday Supervisors lead them quietly back to their classrooms.

1.15 pm, The second bell signifies the end of the lunchtime play for Key Stage 2. Teachers meet their children in the playground as with morning playtime.

3:10 pm, children gather their belongings from the cloak room and return to the classroom ready for home time.

3.15 pm, the children are dismissed via the external classroom door when their parent/carer has been seen by the class teacher. Key Stage 2 can be allowed to walk home if they have provided written consent from a parent.