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Pastoral Support


I am Mrs Lowe and I am the Learning Mentor at school. My role is to help the children in non academic areas, mostly this is by supporting them with their feelings. Research has shown positive links between good emotional and physical health, and good academic achievement. 

The main difficulties that I support the pupils with are:

Grief through loss, separation and bereavement

low self esteem and confidence

support in managing anger

establishing and maintaining friendships

support in managing anxiety

support in difficult transitions in and around school and between home and school

This list is by no means complete. With all children being individual, all have different difficulties, or even different ways of managing the same difficulties. 

We are very lucky in school, that we have a designated area for children to use when they work with me either as a group or on an individual basis. My room is called the Den, it is a safe space for children to talk and feel calm. I also now have my very own sensory space called The Nook.