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Ofsted Reports and Performance Data

OFSTED Inspection October 2017

Our recent Ofsted report shows wide areas of improvement over the past 2 years. The pupils were a credit to the school over the period of the inspection. The inspectors were impressed by the confident way they spoke about the school.

The personal development and behaviour of pupils was seen as a strength.
“pupils were proud to tell inspectors that the good behaviour seen during the inspection was typical for their school”.
“The school actively deals with contemporary issues through its curriculum and values”.
“pupils, especially the older pupils, enjoy taking responsibility for helping the school run smoothly.” Some older pupils learn a lot by taking responsibility for leading lunch time clubs….”
“Their social development is a particular strength and pupils relate well to one another, staff and visitors. The Ethos of the school helps pupils to understand and consider the needs of others….”

Early years was recognised as strong.
“all pupils make good progress in the Reception year. This is because curriculum and the quality of teaching… are consistently good. All staff hold high expectations and challenge them to achieve their best.”
“Adults use precise assessments to ensure that planned activities challenge and support all children” “Carefully structured learning opportunities…”
“Safeguarding arrangements are meticulous….”

Across the school “Arrangements for Safeguarding are effective and fully meet requirements”.

“The governing body now contains a suitable range of well- experienced and capable governors. They are acting with great determination to ensure they play a full and proper role in supporting and checking the school’s improvements. ”

Provision for SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) and pupil premium children were recognised as being good. “Leaders have reviewed the provision for pupils who find learning difficult and extra support is readily available….. these pupils are beginning to make much faster progress.”

In the area of teaching and learning “Inadequate teaching has been eradicated… Teachers, establish positive relationships with pupils and promote good attitudes to learning. This means that pupils work hard and concentrate well throughout lessons. Pupils are taught to take pride in their books and the presentation of their work. Adults have a good rapport with pupils and promote respectful relationships, which support learning well.”

“Leaders have made some successful changes.” “Senior leaders check pupils’ progress carefully and hold teachers to account for the achievements in classes. These checks have had a positive impact on pupil attainment”

“SL, governors and subject leaders regularly monitor the quality and pupils’ work. Checks are made to ensure that teachers are implementing school initiatives consistently.” The curriculum for writing has been improved…” “The mathematics curriculum for calculation is effective...”

Our challenges and areas to improve include:

  • To further develop extended writing across the school.
  • To focus on Higher Achievers gaining Greater Depth (attainment) particularly Y6.
  • To focus on maths reasoning skills (using and applying/ problem solving), now that calculation skills are so strong.
  • Give more support to low attaining readers (KS1), and extend opportunities for reading for the most able pupils (KS2).

Thank you to all our parents and carers for your continued support for the school. We are pleased Ofsted recognise that the pupils here are happy, feel safe and are keen to learn.