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Home learning during school closures

While you’re at home, these ideas for learning will keep you busy! Any projects or exciting things you do I would love to see! If anyone would like to contact me while school is closed, please email RE: Mrs Cleall-Harding in which information will be passed along. I will update the website with ideas every week. Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Cleall-Harding

I am still your teacher

The day draws to an end and we watch you collect your belongings. We hide our emotions by painting smiles upon our faces, that’s what we do best.

Day by day our classroom became quieter, empty seats appearing more each morning. As we say goodbye, for what may feel like forever and our doors close, to shelter you from what has become an unforgiving outside world, you may feel you are forgotten.

We know how you think, we know how you feel. I may not be sitting beside you to help you overcome your challenges. I may not be there to reassure you when you need it most, I may not be there to high five you when you do something awesome or remind you just how amazing you are.

So we wait for change to come, and we know that it will, it is important that you know…

I am STILL proud of you

I am still here

I am STILL YOUR teacher