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History Curriculum

history curriculum statement of intent

Subject Leader is Mr Dobson.


At Cherry Willingham Primary we want history to fire our pupil’s curiosity to ask questions and know about their immediate locality, Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Pupils will be encouraged to develop a chronological understanding of British and world history, which will enable them to recognise the process of change over time in order to see how we arrived at “today” and to make sense of the past.


Our academy uses the Essentials Curriculum (C. Quigley). Our history curriculum will be achieved by following 4 key threshold concepts.

  • Investigate and interpret the past
  • Build an overview of world history
  • Understand chronology
  • Communicate historically

These concepts will be revisited multiple times in a progressive way, each time building on the previous knowledge and key vocabulary in the form of “milestones”

Assessment Teachers will use their knowledge of the pupils historical understanding as well as mind mapping priory to and after a learning area. Proof of Progress assessments (POP) tasks will also be used to ascertain the depth of understanding and retention of knowledge and vocabulary.


Our pupils will feel empowered to construct arguments of their own and to support these with a range of reliable resources. Pupils will be able to think critically and challenge their views and those of others in order to be analytical and to question information with skill and confidence. Our Pupils will have a respect and an empathy for the achievements and sacrifices made by individuals and groups in the past.


History is taught for 1 hour per lesson in Y1 - Y6.

History at Cherry