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Geography Curriculum

geography curriculum statement of intent

Subject Leader is Miss Green.


At Cherry Willingham Primary we want our pupils to have an excellent understanding of how strongly human and physical environments are interrelated. We want to build geographical knowledge of where places are and what they are like.


Our academy uses the Essentials Curriculum (C. Quigley). Our geography curriculum will be achieved by following 3 key threshold concepts.

  • Investigating places This concept involves understanding the Geographical location of places and their physical and human features.


  • Investigating patterns This concept involves understanding the relationship between the physical features of places and the human activity within them, as well as the appreciation of how the world’s natural resources are used and transported.


  • Communicating geographically This concept involves understanding geographical representations, vocabulary and techniques.

These concepts will be revisited multiple times in a progressive way, each time building on the previous knowledge and key vocabulary in the form of “milestones”

Assessment: Teachers will use their knowledge of the pupils’ geographical understanding as well as mind mapping priory to and after a learning area. Proof of Progress assessments (POP) tasks will also be used to ascertain the depth of understanding and retention of knowledge and vocabulary.


Our pupils will have a real sense of curiosity to find out about the world and the people who live there. They will be confident to talk about their local community geographically and understand more about the wider world. They will have a wide range of geographical vocabulary that will help.

Geography at Cherry


Geography is taught for 1 hour per lesson in Y1 - Y6