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Games & links for maths

We'll add more links as we go along.

If you've found a great maths site that you'd like to tell others about, please let Mr. Kennedy know!

  • Times Tables Rock Stars All pupils should have a username and password for this site - please ask if not.
  • Mangahigh Lots of free content and tasks are arranged progressively, covering curriculum content - parent will need to register with an email address.
  • Sumdog Some free content; you can pay for a subscription for more features and the software will differentiate for your child.
  • Top Marks Lots of maths activities, as well as content for other subjects.
  • Top Marks Speed Challenge Great for practice of key maths facts
  • My Mini Maths Key Stage Two focus, vast array of questions - good for daily practice.
  • Cool Maths Games SImple, addictive, beneficial
  • Times Tables games For more times tables practice.
  • The Mathematics Shed Enormously rich resource - tonnes of different maths tasks, ideas and links
  • BBC Bitesize Lots and lots of resources & explanations - worth an explore!
  • IXL maths Plenty of free content.
  • Powerlines Great game
  • Crickweb Lots of resources and activities.
  • Nrich Fantastic resource to promote a deeper understanding of maths.
  • Maths Is Fun Search the tabs to look through different strands of mathematics
  • Mental Maths
  • Kids' Zone