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Computing Curriculum

computing curriculum statement of intent

Subject Leader is Mr Thursby.


At Cherry Willingham Primary Academy, we want all children to be equipped to use technology in a variety of ways so that they become confident and digitally literate as they progress through our academy. We recognise the imperative need for them to become responsible practitioners and to fully understand the implications of misusing technological programmes and devices.


We aim for children to gain the ability to code using a range of practical equipment including PCs, I Pads and controllable devices, developing their skills through a progression of carefully planned activities that build on prior knowledge and links to other subjects.

The 4 threshold concepts we follow are

  • Code - this involves an understanding of instructions, logic and sequences
  • Connect - this involves developing an understanding of how to connect safely with others
  • Communicate - this involves using apps and other ways to communicate ideas
  • Collect - this involves developing an understanding of databases and their uses.

We use the scheme ‘Teach Computing’ to do this.


They will have knowledge and competence with:

  • Coding for a variety of practical purposes
  • The ability to connect with others safely and respectfully, and understand the need to act with moral and ethical integrity.
  • The ability to communicate ideas well by using applications and devices throughout the curriculum.
  • The ability to collect, organise and manipulate data effectively.

We aim for all children to leave our academy with a skill set that they can utilise in our ever changing digital world.

Computing is taught for 1 hour per week in Y1 -Y6


Please click the link below to see our long term overview

Computing Long Term Overview

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