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Autumn Term

We will be covering a great deal this term in all the different curriculum subjects.

In maths, we will start with place value and move onto division and fractions. English will be a new scheme called Literacy Tree where we will use two new books for our writing: 'The arrival' and 'Leila and the blue fox.' Our reading will be based around 'Fly me home' and a poetry book called 'Migration and movement'.

In Science we will be concentrating on the topic of living things, focusing heavily on the classification of living things and what they have in common. Our history topic is 'The Tudors' and art is 'Realism'.

In RE we will learn about what a world view is from the perspective of different religions and beliefs, whilst in computing we will focus on communication and how we communicate using technology.

PSHE will help us to look at relationships within our families and with our friends, PE will focus on dodgeball and finally, music will help the children learn about rhythm, harmony and combining these through dance. 

For a more detailed view of this term's subjects, please click on the link below.


Year 6 Autumn term B Mid-term plan.