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Autumn Term

Our topic this term is 'Vikings'.

We intend to learn a great deal about who they were, where they came from, and how they lived, with a particular focus on boats, weapons, and why they wanted to come to Britain to raid and invade. Our class text is Odd and the Frost Giants and it will give us the opportunity to explore Viking beliefs about their gods and the different powers they possessed whilst also looking at Viking life and producing a letter in character about experiencing our very first Viking raid!

In Science, we will be exploring sound and vibration, how sounds are able to travel, and why we are able to hear them. We will produce string telephones, take part in experiments to test how sound changes when you move away from it, and culminate in producing a musical instrument made from the recycling of our own!

In PE, we will initially be taking part in the exciting new orienteering course that has been introduced to our playground, allowing the children to learn navigation, coding, and coordination skills. 

In RE, we will initially be looking into the wonderful world of Hinduism, the festivals that Hindus take part in, their main beliefs, and also create Diva lamps of our own. Following this we will be learning about Islam. We will discover their beliefs, religious festivals, religious buildings, and also the main features of their religion, being sure to be mindful, respectful and always willing to learn more.

Year 4 will continue on Thursday afternoons to learn Spanish and take part in PE sessions with the brilliant Synergy sports coaches.

In computing this term we will be exploring networks and how the internet works. We will investigate how we can check to see who owns the content we are looking at on the internet and also the best ways to be safe online. In our second unit, we will produce our own podcast using audio recording devices and editing software on the computer. 

In PHSE this term our two topics are: Being me in my World and Celebrating differences. We will use our PHSE sessions to hold open and honest discussions where we ask tricky questions and hold open discussions where no question is a silly question and deep and meaningful learning can take place. 

If you have any questions, worries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me via email at: or alternatively at the classroom door at the start or end of the school day.  

Medium Term Plan Autumn A

Medium Term Plan Autumn B